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 AUSTRALIA Is here, 8/8/13

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PostSubject: AUSTRALIA Is here, 8/8/13   8/6/2013, 4:33 pm

Here is the info on Australia and Reva Faust patch coming 8/8/13:

Linky version:

Short version:

Two new towns, Sydney and Perth
10 questlines in Australia

2 at 127, 3 at 137, 3 at 142, 2 at 156, 1 at 160

One of the 127 quests is repeatable DAILY, as is the level 156 quest

New Food items that restore a PERCENTAGE of HP and Mana

* Meat Pie: 8% Health & 2% Mana
* Lemon Lime Bitter: 2% Health & 8% Mana
* Fish and Chips: 15% Health, 4% Mana
* Creamy Fruit Cake: 4% Health, 15% Mana
# 10% Will is consumed on use.
Food level 88 to be able to make them all. Meat Pie is 63. Lemon Lime is 65. Fish and Chips is 82, Creamy Fruit Cake is 88.


However, the mats required are off the chart...

Weapons & Chest Armor
Judgement Crystal (1)*
Atlantis Gold Coin (10)
Earth Essence (100)
Dark Pegasus Tear (10)
Oriharukon (30)
Dark Crystal (250)

Armor Pieces
Judgement Crystal (1)*
Atlantis Gold Coin (10)
Earth Essence (100)
Dark Pegasus Tear (7)
Oriharukon (20)
Dark Crystal (250)

*Judgment Crystal is ONLY obtained by dismantling Judgment gear at a ratio of 1 per number of items it would take to get to that enchantment level, thus +0 is 1 while +10 is 1,024 crystals and so forth.

ANOTHER Training Center Revise

# Training Centre Reward boxes have been renovated. ("Renovated Common Training Supply Box") No information on what's inside the new boxes, or whether monster drops were updated too or not.
# New main character necklaces can be obtained from the Training Centre
* The Level-155 necklaces can be obtained from the Renovated Premium Training Supply Box
Stats on 155 necklaces:

Essentially these are 20% better in stats then their Lv135 alternatives.

Name: Shining Gevra's Necklace
Class: Melee
Attack Power: 180 ~ 360
Defense: 7,200
Strength: 240
Dexterity: 48
Intelligence: 48
Vitality: 240
Magic Defense: 96
Critical: 48
Multi-Hit Rate: 4
Evasion: 3.6%
Magic Skill Lv+: 5

Name: Shining Cataire's Necklace
Class: Ranged
Attack Power: 240 ~ 480
Defense: 3,000
Strength: 48
Dexterity: 240
Intelligence: 48
Vitality: 120
Magic Defense: 48
Critical: 72
Multi-Hit Rate: 4
Evasion: 4.8%
Magic Skill Lv+: 5

Name: Shining Tifaret's Necklace
Class: Magic
Attack Power: 120 ~ 240
Defense: 2,400
Strength: 48
Dexterity: 48
Intelligence: 240
Vitality: 120
Magic Defense: 120
Critical: 24
Multi-Hit Rate: 3
Evasion: 1.2%
Magic Skill Lv+: 10

Name: Shining Kokuma's Necklace
Class: Artillery
Attack Power: 120 ~ 240
Defense: 3,600
Strength: 72
Dexterity: 72
Intelligence: 72
Vitality: 180
Magic Defense: 72
Critical: 36
Multi-Hit Rate: 4
Evasion: 2.4%
Magic Skill Lv+: 5

Reva Faust's Books are now craftable!

Reva Faust

Released as an event mercenary in both Japan (where she was developed) and Korea, we'll notably just be looking at her skills and stats in comparison to Carmilla & Paganini~

For stat comparisan purposes I'll be looking at their LV120 and LV150 stats, however skills will only use Level 120, Lv70 skill.

Level 120 Stat Comparison
Name Str Dex Vit Int Def Magic Defense Action Power
Reva Faust 260 755 310 455 850 335 68 ~ 97 (+12%)
Carmilla 280 677 264 487 806 330 68 ~ 97 (+12%)
Paganini 268 416 294 386 250 270 68 ~ 82 (+9%)

Level 150 Stat Comparison
Name Str Dex Vit Int Def Magic Defense Action Power
Reva Faust 320 1055 415 575 1350 350 68 ~ 97 (+12%)
Carmilla 326 944 331 615 1344 345 68 ~ 97 (+12%)
Paganini 333 565 379 490 391 270 68 ~ 82 (+9%)

Quite the interesting little toss-up in stats, isn't it? Considering Reva Faust is an A Class mercenary, and Carmilla is B Class.
However this probably isn't all that surprising, Carmilla, as an IM mercenary, would require a certain level of high stats even as that B class to make her more attractive to purchase.

Next up is~


All skills are based at Level 120 upgrade, Lv70 skill. Intelligence is not applied.

Commander of Prophecies - Passive +Evasion buff, allowing Reva Faust to avoid physical attacks at an increased rate. This skill is available to Instrument Mains
PvE: +19% Evasion
PvP: +12% Evasion
TBS: +19% Evasion

Monokone's Psychic Powers - A single target spell that significantly drains the AP from the target over a number of turns.
2 turn Duration, 3 turn Cooldown, 150 AP
PvE: -2,795 Health, -90 Action Power
PvP: -1,109 Health, -69 Action Power
TBS: -2,795 Health, -7 Movement Speed
I'm not sure if this works on bosses or not, but there's no reason it shouldn't as it isn't a silence or freeze like skill. With that amount of -AP, it may be that Reva is the perfect Pirate replacement, who doesn't fit into a lot of formations at higher levels due to lack of TBS versatility.

Shinto Address of the Soul - Perhaps the most useful skill of them all. This spell resurrects a single target -- including in PvE and PvP combat! The health restored is much higher then the typical heal, and a fixed amount of AP is restored too. The downside is a secondary skill is applied on the revived mercenary which reduces their defense and magic defense, noted in green. The amount is fixed at all grades and all levels.
Initial Skill: 1 turn Duration, 3 turn Cooldown, 150 AP TBS Specific: 1 turn Cooldown
Secondary Skill: 5 turn Duration
PvE: 12,980 Health, +100 Action Power (all grades), -3,000 Defense, -250 Magic Defense
PvP: 4,350 Health, +100 Action Power (all grades), -3,000 Defense, -250 Magic Defense
TBS: 12,980 Health, -3,000 Defense, -250 Magic Defense
Before the question comes up:- I have no idea what so ever whether this skill can be used on allied monsters (e.g Nation Dungeon gates), or just allied players for that matter. Very few people actually seem to have Reva at their disposal to check this out.
Update 25/02: Shinto Address of the Soul can be used on allied players. Still no confirmation on Monsters (no one's tried?)

Darkness Blessing - This is perhaps the most confusing skill, as it can be cast on both enemy and allies for two different affects. Cast on enemies it reduces their multi-hit rate, while cast on allies it increases their evasion. Targets a Row (Cross in TBS).
Enemy affect in Red, Friendly affect in Blue.
2 turn Duration, 2 turn Cooldown, 100 AP
PvE: -35 Multi-Hit Rate, +23% Evasion
PvP: -28 Multi-Hit Rate, +16% Evasion
TBS: -35 Multi-Hit Rate, +23% Evasion


Diary no longer requires PvP NOR do quests.  Instead EVERY pvp x2 quest is now complete Indi dungeon x1

 Participation Approach Changed
# You can no longer enter Free League whilst in battle, and when signed up for the competition you will be unable to attack monsters (or be attacked).
# Mercenaries can no longer be disabled or set to Auto-Battle Mode, when signed up to free league you will not be able to disable them, and when signing up they will all be activated, and mercenary auto battle disabled.
# You will no longer be able to enable the Auto-Battle License whilst in Free League
# Matching: In addition to the different divisions a change has been applied so that only players within a certain level bracket will be matched against each other. (Doppelgangers are excempt from this rule)
I believe this to be 15 levels in either direction; so a Lv130 player will be matched against those between Lv115 and Lv145; but not Lv156 or above, even if in the same division.

Increased Penalty
# If you basically do nothing for three rounds in Free League you'll not only lose the match by default, but you will be kicked out from that Free League session and be unable to re-join it until the next session.

Increased Rewards
# Experience gained during Free League matches more than tripled
# Division 8 and below can obtain a new item: "Sign of Glory" from various methods.

The easiest method is to simply participate in Free League. You'll be awarded some Sign of Glories just for participating whether you win or lose.

Division 8 ~ 5 get 1 Sign of Glory for victory
Division 4 ~ 2 get 2 Sign of Glory for victory
Division 1 ~ Tier0 get 3 Sign of Glory for victory

Division 2 ~ Tier0 get 1 Sign of Glory for a loss
I'm not sure if Div8 ~ Div3 get any Signs for losing, this is the only data I've been able to collect.

In each individual Free League session for winning so many matches out of the six you'll be awarded additional Sign of Glories:-
2 Wins: 1 Sign of Glory
4 Wins: 2 Sign of Glory
6 Signs: 4 Sign of Glory

In addition to this for winning so many consecutive battles over multiple sessions you'll gain even more sign of glories, and fame points in addition.

5 wins = 200 Fame Point
10 wins = 500 Fame Point, 5 Sign of Glory
15 wins = 1000 Fame Point, 5 Sign of Glory
20 wins = 2000 Fame Point, 10 Sign of Glory

This resets to 0 after 20 consecutive wins. Participation in the Grand Championship or Weekly Championship does not count towards this total either by wins or loses. However winning either of these two competitions awards a large number of additional signs.

Winning the Weekly Championship awards 30 Sign of Glory, while the Grand Championship awards 50 Sign of Glory.

So~ What are these new items for?

Sign of Glory ~ Exchange List
# Book of Glory - Awards 1,000,000 Experience - 5 Signs
# [Common] The Glory of Battle - Feast for a maximum of 15 participants. 35% Attack, 15% Defense for 120 minutes - 20 Signs
# Lv130 Earrings / Lv130 Bracelets - Stats below - 250 Signs
# New Variety of Food, x100 Items, healing a percentage rather then fixed amount, 1% Will consumed on use - 20%/5% or vise-versa depending on type - 35 Signs

New Items exchangeable for Battle Points
# League Experience Boost - Increases the experience obtained from competing in Free League
# League Drop Rate Booster - Increases the chance to loot a "copy" of a random piece of equipment from your opponents in Free League Note these may instead be a "reward double" license; doubling the rewards from battle. Not sure until someone confirms for sure~
# Hand-Made Carnation, an item required for the Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin questline, can now be purchased for Battle Points, not just Collection Points.

Proximo's Supply Box - Items Updated
The items obtained from Proximo's Supply Box, obtained for participating in 10 Free League matches, have been updated. No data on amounts, assumingly x5 for Scrolls, x1 for everything else.
# Awakening Scroll (No Trade)
# Scroll of Purification (No Trade)
# Scroll of Mana Piercing (No Trade)
# Scroll of Dispel (No Trade)
# [Common] The Glory of Battle
# % Food Item
# % Drink Item
# League Experience Booster License
# League DropRate Booster License
# x1 Sign of Glory
# Jewelry Box No idea on this, assumingly one of the Lv130 Bracelets/Earrings at random or a selection box.

Free League Balance Changes:

# Descendant Axe Main
* Physical Damage increased

# Atlantean Double Sword
* Physical Damage reduced
* Seems to speak of reducing the character bonus to AP, or maybe the damage of Soul of Lightning. If that is the case, the damage used in the Atlantis Consolidation thread already uses these new values

# Atlantean Battle Staff
* Reduced physical attack damage
* [Increased Maximum Skill level of Land of Lightning, slightly reduced AP requirement (200 > 175)]
* Increased maximum skill level of Grudge of Lightning

# Archer
* Removed -Attack & -Defense values of the Silence skill

# Queen
* Reduced the heal of Empress Blessing
* Removed -Attack & -Defense values of the Empress Curse spell

# Monk
* Reduced the heal of Holy Guard

# Roro kidul
* Reduced the heal of Ocean's Blessing

# Witch
* Reduced AP Cost of Meteor Strike to 250

# Guan Yu
* AP Cost of Green Dragon Strike changed to 250
* Physical damage increased

# Hwarang
* Increased the amount of attack gained from Hwarang's Fury

# Sorcerer
* Increased the damage of Primal Monsoon
* Significantly increased the damage of Storm (Primal Monsoon cast on top of Retribution)

# Princess
* Princess Order Defense & Accuracy increased, Health Regen decreased

# Prophet
* Concentrate attack buff increased

# Carmilla
* Dusk Elegy AP consumption increased to 175

# Rin
* Reduced Health regen from Bloody Strings

# Inventor
* Machine's AP Regen increased from 50 to 60

# Washington
* Camaraderie damage split increased
* Increased attack buff of Patriotic Resolve

Every stat besides Def and Magic def gets a boost of approximately 80, his dexterity now overshadows Sheriff

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PostSubject: Re: AUSTRALIA Is here, 8/8/13   8/6/2013, 5:41 pm

Awesome cant wait for the update that will take 10x's longer than they say. hehe thank you a ton for taking the time to post all this up rik. bounce cheers 
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PostSubject: Re: AUSTRALIA Is here, 8/8/13   8/6/2013, 7:20 pm

Noobicuss*Admin wrote:
Awesome cant wait for the update that will take 10x's longer than they say. hehe thank you a ton for taking the time to post all this up rik. bounce cheers 

 Anytime I see a new update coming our way or they give us a hint, I'll find the info and post it in here for all of us to know what to JP and what to get in advance Razz
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PostSubject: Re: AUSTRALIA Is here, 8/8/13   8/8/2013, 3:55 pm

Official patch notes are up, looks like we will be missing a few things, like the mid range dungeon between 136 and 156.. also the 160 dungeon. :/

We're also not getting TC revamp. We are getting the FL revamp and Reva Faust though.

Edit: Australia is a two part update, so the rest of the content should be in the next piece.
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PostSubject: Re: AUSTRALIA Is here, 8/8/13   

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AUSTRALIA Is here, 8/8/13
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