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 Router trouble

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PostSubject: Router trouble   8/8/2013, 2:38 pm

hey, had a problem with my router starting today 08.08.2013 which rendered me unable to use my computer (using phone atm) without internet connection, so just saying i am for the time being unable to play Atlantica, but i will try fix it!

if anyone feel like trying to help, my Router is a "Zyxel 2812" from a norwegian publisher, Telenor, but the issue is that my router is sending out the wireless signals so phones, laptops and etc. works, while the connections through cable does not work. going to call the publishers and ask my brother for help, but if you think you know what to do so i won't have to bother the publishers or my brother, feel free to share ^^

have already tried unplugging all cables, turning off the router, switching cables on the router and everything like it, what i think the problem is the cable connection being screwed but idk, not a computer person at that degree.

anyhow, cheers for reading and the possible replies ^^
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Router trouble
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