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 General Questions With Answers

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PostSubject: General Questions With Answers   8/28/2013, 11:02 pm

Q: What Level Do I Have to Be to "get" a house? A: Level 80, 500MIL, and go see Caitsith in Rome/MyHome

Q: How do I hold a feast? A: You need to be at least lvl 100 on ur main, You have to get a Archer or Viking To lvl 100 to employ them as a Chef in your Home.

Q: What is TC? A: TC stands for Training Center. Its a guild only "Dungeon". We have 1 hour to kill as many monsters as possible. Great Exp, and Good Loot. (If your online, your required to go)

Q: How do I do town quests? A: On the menu where the Market, Bank, ect is located. There is a Button that says"Town Quest" click that. Also u have to have a Managers Scroll in order to do one, if you need one ask an officer.

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General Questions With Answers
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