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PostSubject: RECRUITING MERCS   8/1/2013, 2:19 pm

Im making this topic because people ask what lvl they can recruit mercs. So here is a list if I mess anything up just tell me and Ill fix it.

You can get additional mercenaries after level 5 from Jang Gil San, Ou Yang Feng, Shuichi or Im Guk-jung.
They will let you hire mercenaries like Swordmen, Spearmen, Gunners, Archers and Shamans for gold.

Merc. Name Quest NPC Start Lv.
Monk: Huike: 19
Beast Trainer: Beast Trainer: Nari 44
Witch: Vivian: 51
Exorcist: Iris: 57
Princess: Eva: 63
Prophet Hecuba 70
Oracle: Nefertiti: 76
Inventor: Francesco: 84
Cannoneer: Kaguyahime: 87
Lady Knight: Janet: 95
Janissary: Al Feren: 96
Minstrel: Susan: 100
Spartan: Ancient Spartan Hero: 100
Pirate: Mary Read: 100
Elementalist: Wise Orenda: 100
Empress: Sumi: 100
Druid: Raging Wind: 100
Punisher: Christine: 102
Champion: Officer Odysseus: 110
Genera:l Yunchang: 110
Hwarang: Kim Yoo Shin: 112
Goddess: Goddess Roro Kidul: 113
Sorceress: Mwindo: 140
Automaton: Gigas: 145

Sheriff, Vamp, Taoist, Warlord, Tarkin, Puppeteer.

Got questions ask someone in guild chat!
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